Hung African Twinks

Best friends Max and Marvin know each other extremely well, right down to their long African dicks. The boys have a special relationship, so when one of them invites the other over he knows what the plan is. The boys start things in the bathroom, lovingly making out and feeling each others heat as they move in close, the bulges of their thickening dicks rubbing together. Once naked, both hung African twinks get a taste of the others piece, moving from the shower to the bedroom where the oil comes out and they get slippery and slick for some extra horny action! Who will be the one to take it?

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Piss Ceremony

Slutty African twink Chris has invited his fuck buddy Marvin round to his parents apartment for a wild and wet ceremonial piss festival. When Marvin arrives, Chris is drinking beer, filling his bladder. The taste of beer on Chris’ lips makes Marvin horny, and he releases his friend’s hard cock from his undies, kissing and licking the swollen shaft. Chris needs to piss, and he showers Marvin with steamy urine, rubbing it into his smooth skin. When he smells the piss, Marvin wants to cover his friend with his own liquid gold. Chris squats on the floor and opens his mouth to swallow as much of the stinky yellow liquid as he can, before he licks the last drops from Marvin’s huge black cock end.

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Big Black Magic Wand

Martin and Marvin should be in school studying, but have over slept and  are still in bed. As they wake up, the feel of each others smooth black skin makes them feel horny. Marvin leans over and kisses his friend. When Marvin sucks Martin’s hard nipples, his cock grows hard, stretching his undies. Martin loves the taste of cock for breakfast and sucks Marvin’s thick black shaft. Marvin is so horny but wants to slow down, and sucks Martin’s dick, while he strokes his dark hole. Martin is eager to taste Marvin’s cock, and kneels on the bed, while Marvin begins to slowly fuck his eager wet mouth, with long slow thrusts of his iron hard black love pole.

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Horny Black Boy Cums Too Soon

When horny black African twink Afpha has the opportunity to have bareback sex with his friend Kevin, he does not have to think twice. He has very little experience and is dying for a hot man on man fuck with his handsome buddy. They kiss and while they still have their clothes on the cock hungry Kevin sucks Afpha’s huge rod. The country boy has little experience and his cock in that mouth feels so wonderful, he cannot control it for lengthy. He shoots his sperm right in to Kevin’s throat. Kevin is a bit surprised but he swallows it like a guy, and then the bareback continues. Now Kevin wonders if his cute buddy can cum a second time? Find out inside with our hot darksome twinks from Africa!

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Black Boy Cums Twice

The sun is rising and the day is getting sexy, so Mark and Steven, two horny African twinks need get on with their day. But first they want to have some enjoyment, and what better way to while away the morning than a hot bareback fuck and watersports session. In the steamy African climate a golden shower always feels precious. The piss flows freely, and the boys get soaking wet before they continue their all African bareback session. We see great close ups of big black cock sliding in to tight black arse. Mark is on edge when he finally pulls out to cum. He shoots a big wad that Steven tries to eat. It makes him slutty, but Mark is not done yet. He plays with his cock some more and then shoots for a second time. Now Steven also can cum, and Mark eats his sex cream. Then they close their party with a long wet kiss. Hot African bareback fun with cute black lads.

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Wet The Bed

Your parents told you not to wet the ottoman, but the horny teacher in this video teaches his sexy Asian twinks that all that is just nonsense. He wants them to piss all over him while he gets his ass stuffed at the same time. Horny boys do not need to be told twice and soon the bed is more like a pool than something to sleep on. A wild and wet watersports party. With two cocks in his mouth and one in his gap, the teacher is in heaven.

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Jambo Jumbo Jerkoff

Say “jambo”, or “howdy” to Charles. This lad is a pleasing 18 year old gay African twink from Kenya. He is watching some gay porn and gets very horny. So he whips out his jumbo black fuck tool. It is a bit crooked but if you are size queen his tasty dark cock is sight to behold. Watch this cute and innocent black student play with himself when he shoots an absolutely massive load of sperm all over himself.

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The Slutty Teacher

Albert and his gay piss friends have taken their English teacher for a little surprise outing and they piss all over the good man once they arrive at their destination. But that’s not all, as they also want to check out his man-ass and have him such their hard horny weenies. The teacher never complains and sucks their cocks, drinks their piss and gets fucked at the same time in a very hot piddle session.

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Horny Black Twinks

The latest update for 80Gays features Enzi and Jahi, two cute black twinks from the heart of Africa. These are horny boys who do not have a lot of gay sex experience, and that makes it all the more lascivious. The two boys start petting while they take a (cold!) shower jointly. That does not stop them from fondling each other’s dicks. That human touch gets the juices and hormones flowing and soon Jahi is sucking Enzi’s rod. But they want greater amount. Luckily they have a big jar of elbow grease at hand so they try a bareback fuck. That’s something new for the guys and since they are real amateurs, it is all a bit clumsy. But that makes it all the more charming. The boys have a great time with their first bareback experiment and at the end they both spray lots and lots of cum around. Highly recommended for lovers of real dark African twinks.

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Black Boy Watersports

This week Afpha and Saka are our favorite gay black twinks ever. Afpha has a huge cock and it needs to be serviced often. So he invites his friend Saka over for a hot bareback, piss and watersports session. The boys start gently, kissing and hugging, but soon the clothes come off and Afpha hoses Saka with a huge load of void urine. The boy drinks it all, and now he is ready for Afpha’s huge cock. It takes a bit of work to get all that bareback meat in his tight ass but in the end he rides his friend like a pro. This is followed by more kinky watersports until both guys shoot their loads. There is so much cum it seems they didn’t cum in ages!

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